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Residential Homebuilder Information

  • Whether you're working new construction or helping homeowners remodel their existing home you can feel completely assured that propane is safe for the homeowner and for the environment. The propane gas industry works continuously to improve the safety and security of propane gas storage and delivery. It focuses strongly on safety and educational programs for people who handle and use these systems.

  • Your propane retailer can advise you on the application, installation, and material profile of propane and propane products. From start to finish, you'll get the help you need to do the job right.

  • For more information about building safely with propane, visit our website for construction professionals,


  • Propane is widely used as a commercial and industrial fuel for numerous high-volume usage activities. These types of large volume applications range from fleet fueling, agricultural heating and commercial kitchen cooking to resale cylinder filling and forklift fueling. There are so many different industrial and commercial uses for propane that choosing a properly sized tank to suit the application requirements can sometimes be complex. Tanks for commercial propane use are generally larger than residential propane tanks.

Delivery Styles

  • Will Call: This is where the customer is responsible for calling and ordering propane, Customers need to call when they are at 30% to provide enough time for a delivery to happen without any extra fees. Once the order is placed it can take up to five business days to make the delivery otherwise you can pay a fee to expedite the delivery to have it there sooner. For more information check out our Will Call Letter below.

  • Keep Full: This is where we monitor your propane through a degree day system and when it tells us you are at 30% we will come out and automatically fill your tank. If by chance you run out there is no charge to you and we will send someone out right away no matter the day or time. One reminder about keep full is that you can't have past deliveries not paid for as the account must be kept current to stay on the keep full program unless you are on the budget program.

  • Note: All customers who are considered renters meaning they are renting or on a Land Contract, those accounts must be COD meaning they have to prepay for a delivery.

For information about our Propane programs please visit or Programs Page by clicking here.

Swan Fuel Service Inc Truck 15 LPG Bobtail


  • With the 120 there is always going to be a $50 tank rental fee.

  • Can be a tank that is vertical or horizontal.

  • Great option for customers who burn very little propane.

120 Gallon LPG Tank
120 Gallon Propane Tank


  • With the 330 you are expected to go through at least 500 gallons per year otherwise there is a tank rental fee of $65.

  • Great option for people wanting to get the 200 gallon price break when ordering.

330 Gallon LPG Tank


  • With the 500 you are expected to go through at least 800 gallons every year otherwise there is a $75 tank rental fee.

500 Gallon LPG Tank


  • With the 850 we expect customers to go through at least 1,200 gallons of propane per year otherwise there is a $100 tank rental fee.

  • Great option for customers who go through a lot of propane yearly.

850 Gallon LPG Tank


  • These are typically used for commercial accounts or accounts with a very high propane usage.

  • You need to go through at least 1,600 gallons per year otherwise there is a $100 tank rental fee.

1000 Gallon LPG Tank

Underground Tank

  • Great option for customers who don't want the tank visible in their yard. 

  • Underground tanks must be purchased we do not offer leasing for underground tanks

  • Call us for further information at 517-623-6087.

Undergrond LPG Tank

Tank Sizes

Swan Fuel Service Inc Truck 9
Swan Fuel Service Inc Truck 8

Rental prices and gallon usage are subject to change without notice. Our year starts on July 1st and runs through the last day of June.

At the time you set up an account you will  sign a tank lease agreement refer to that for the official tank rental and usage information.

Tank Sets


No job to big or small, we have all the right equipment to get your tank set and hooked up. 

New Customer Application

Safety Information

For safety information visit our Propane Safety Page

Worried of Running Out

We have some of the most advanced remote readers available to our customers which includes a phone app where customers can check their tank percentage 24/7 no matter where they are. Great option if you leave your home for the winter months and have no way of going out to the tank to check the gauge. For more information click here to visit our remote readers page.

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