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Remote Readers

What is a remote reader? A propane tank monitor is a device that is installed on your propane tank that uses the dial to check and send your tank level to the internet. The tank level then can be read by our office and also via the customer phone APP. We also have the ability to setup daily, weekly, or monthly reading reports to your email if you would prefer that rather then the phone app. This is a great option for customers who travel a lot and or leave for the winter months. You might think that this is only for Keep Full customers but that is not true Will Call customers can use the reader to simply be able to see their tank percentage 24/7 without ever having to go to the tank itself. Contact us today for more information.


Tank Reader Details

  • Longest Battery Life

  • Easy Installation

  • Universally Compatible

  • Dual SIM RTLM

  • Full-Sized Antenna

  • Fully Encapsulated PCB

  • Hybrid Battery Pack

  • Rubber Coated Magnets

  • Multiple Mountain Options

  • Universal Lead


Instructions for Installing the Phone APP

Below are the PDF instructions for installing the Nee-Vo App on your Android or Apple device. You will need an Activation Code to access your tank readings so if you did not receive a code when we installed your tank reader please contact us. 

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