Propane Programs

Price Protection

  • The price protection program will lock your price in at a maximum price per gallon and will never exceed that per gallon dollar amount for the programs duration, but if the price is currently lower you will receive the cheaper price. The program opens up in around August and is do by September 30th and then it will last until May 25th of the following year.


  • The pre-buy program is where you buy a number of gallons at a set price before the winter heating season. This allows you to basically buy your propane for the winter at a lower price instead of paying after every delivery which in the winter the prices are typically higher. The pre-buy requires a minimum purchase of 600 gallons though you can buy as many gallons as you want. The program opens in August and is due by September 30th and then will last until May 25th of the following year.


  • This is for customers who would rather have a monthly set amount due each month. The usage is approximated based on past usage of your account and then we turn it into a dollar amount based on the budgets price lock for the year. Payments can be changed based on usage as the season moves froward we may try to lower or higher the payment if needed. This program opens up in August and is do by September 25th.

*To participate in any of the programs your account must be current.

*All programs must be resigned-up every year.

*Programs are only available for Propane.

Program signup for the 2020-2021 Heating season have ended as of 9-30-2020.


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