Propane Programs

Price Protection

  • The price protection program will lock your price in at a maximum price per gallon and will never exceed that per gallon dollar amount for the programs duration, but if the price is currently lower you will receive the cheaper price. The program opens up in around August and is do by September 30th and then it will last until May 25th of the following year.

       Fillable PDF                   Print/Downloadable PDF


  • The pre-buy program is where you buy a number of gallons at a set price before the winter heating season. This allows you to basically buy your propane for the winter at a lower price instead of paying after every delivery which in the winter the prices are typically higher. The pre-buy requires a minimum purchase of 600 gallons though you can buy as many gallons as you want. The program opens in August and is due by September 30th and then will last until May 25th of the following year.

Fillable PDF                            Print/Downloadable PDF


  • This is for customers who would rather have a monthly set amount due each month. The usage is approximated based on past usage of your account and then we turn it into a dollar amount based on the budgets price lock for the year. Payments can be changed based on usage as the season moves froward we may try to lower or higher the payment if needed. This program opens up in August and is do by September 25th.

    Fillable PDF                         Print/Downloadable PDF

*To participate in any of the programs your account must be current.

*All programs must be resigned-up every year.

*Programs are only available for Propane.

Online Forms

The buttons below are only to be used if you are instructed from our office to fill out a form online. This allows you to fill out the form completely online no need to print out the form. The office will give you the instructions on how to access and fill out the form. If you are just looking to print out, look at, or mail in your form please use the PDF's below the correct program title to download and print the PDF which is all located outside of this box.  

Welcome to our propane programs page for the 2020-2021 heating season. This year with everything going on we have created PDF'S that can be downloaded and printed out and filled out via hand or completely through your computer/tablet through the fillable PDF. The fillable PDF's allow for digital signatures as well and the pre-buy fillable PDF will automatically calculate your amount due given you fill in the required fields like purchasing gallons, price per gallon, and tax rate. For the fillable PDF's all fields required are outlined in red. If you are just looking to view the programs or pint out the form please use the Print/Downloadable form otherwise if you want to fill a form completely on your computer/tablet and print it out please use the fillable PDF option. Also even if you are doing the budget, pre-buy, and price protection and paying over the phone via credit card you will still be instructed to fill out a form so we have it on file and they will give you instructions at that time on how to use the online form's which are located in the online forms box. This allows you to fill the form out completely through our website without downloading or printing a form. The online form's box is only to be used if given instructions to from our office. Another thing we are doing this year is we are scheduling in person appointments if you would rather talk to someone one on one to go over your options. Appointments can be setup by calling our office at 517-623-6006. If you any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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